Canvas Wall Art: Build Your Appetite, Build Your Empire

Canvas Wall Art: Build Your Appetite, Build Your Empire

In Roald Dahl’s iconic story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the world is thrown into a sudden chocolate-buying frenzy when renowned candy maker, Willy Wonka, announces that five golden tickets to win a visit to his mysterious factory have been hidden in five of his chocolate bars. (What a genius marketing strategist that Mr Wonka was, right?). That golden ticket was like inspirational canvas wall art, mobilizing people in pursuit of their dreams. For Charlie Bucket, that was the tantalizing taste of another magical world - beyond his reach. To want it, he had to be hungry – to know he was hungry - and to feed that hunger.


What is your golden ticket? What are the dreams just beyond your reach? To strike real gold, you need to stay hungry – like a child whose cravings have awoken after tasting chocolate for the first time. Canvas wall art will remind you of those ravenous pangs. It will be painful, but it will be worth it.

Go ahead - awaken the appetite. Some will say it’s madness. Canvas wall art says: welcome it.

Welcome the Hunger

Can you feel those dreams and yearnings bubbling up inside you, growling hungrily to be noticed? Acknowledge them. Sit with them. Don’t dismiss them as pipe dreams and settle for less. Let that hunger for greatness become a part of who you are. Listen to it and indulge the feeling. It is a reminder not to suppress your destiny.

Canvas wall art will become a motivational prompt to keep peeling back every metaphorical chocolate wrapping you can find. Keep the appetite yearning and growing. Let it fuel you.

What is your dream? Go on – canvas wall art calls you to indulge it. 

Satisfy the Hunger

Once you recognize and embrace your hunger for more – it’s time to do something about it. Build the factory, make the candy, rock the boardroom red carpet – and work every day to get there. Don’t just eat the chocolate and search for lucky golden tickets – make your own! It’s all about the hustle. Did the chocolate factory become a success by remaining a passive dream? No, it was built brick by brick. For all we know, besides his Oompa Loompas,  Willy Wonka had his own inspirational canvas wall art hanging on his wall! 

And once you’ve satisfied your hunger, you’ll start feeling those pangs again! It’s ok. Let them take you back to the beginning and welcome that renewed hunger for more. This is the never-ending fairy-tale of reality, and the ongoing cycle of hunger is your golden ticket to make you grow more, learn more, achieve more and be more. You’ll never get left behind in the old-timers’ club. Stay ahead of the game. Only then will you be truly satisfied with the empire you build.

What is your dream? Go on – canvas wall art calls you to chase it!

Take a little encouragement from the chocolate factory mastermind:

“And Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted. He lived happily ever after.”

He dared to say it! Do you dare believe it?

Inktuitive is here to help you believe – not in fairy tales, but in the reality of your hunger and the real-life magical empire it can achieve.

With our Stay Hungry canvas wall art inspiring you with its daily vision, you’ll soon strike gold.

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