Canvas Wall Art and the Work that’s Never Done

Canvas Wall Art and the Work that’s Never Done

As the saying goes, a woman’s work is never done. But whoever you are – if you have goals and dreams to rise above the ordinary – your work really is never done. At this time of year, amid the many opportunities to be festive and to sit back and unwind a little, the thought of having a day off is certainly tempting. But the truth is that there is no such thing as a “day off” when you are in the business of forming yourself and your future. Doing nothing is still a pursuit of something, even if it’s lazy habits and lethargic character! There is no middle ground. You are either shaping yourself for improvement and growth or for decline and stagnation.

That’s why our canvas wall art prints are cracking the whip.
It’s time to flex those muscles…

A Word of Inspiration: Some Thoughts

Don’t settle for the mediocre hamster wheel – that 9 to 5 life that pants desperately for weekends. Don’t get lured into living for holidays and time off. That’s a mind-numbing drug (for which Canvas wall art is the official rehab). 

Instead, live each day with the same determination as the first day of your job and with the same resolution as your new year’s resolutions. Every day is new year’s day; every week is the first week; every month is January. Go get ‘em!

It’s not that you are never allowed to breathe, sleep, or eat. Simply live every moment with relentless intentionality.


Picture your goal. Pursue it. Never let it rest. Be fearless and grit your teeth. You may be labelled a kill-joy, but you have ambition and drive. And when everyone has gone home for the weekend, you will be surrounded by the company of inspirational canvas wall art to fuel your fire.

It’s all about mindset, so you need a bold vision and a renewed perspective. Canvas wall art will help reframe your point of view and your lifestyle.

And when your goals seem overwhelming, remember the words from painter and writer, Walter Anderson: “Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.

Stop stalling and start acting…because there are no days off! 

A Word in Season: Final Tips 

If you do have some days off, use them wisely to improve yourself. Remember, you’re never off duty from your life and your #goals. Spend the time intentionally so that you can up and at ‘em with fiercer commitment than before. Consider how you can grow, write a work journal, do some self-evaluation, or learn additional skills to contribute to your well-rounded abilities.

If you are celebrating the season of giving, make self-improvement your gift to yourself. Don’t allow year-end parties and Netflix to swallow your future. Stay focused! 

And get some canvas art on your wall to light your fire.

Our No Days Off canvas wall art is the perfect motivational energiser to remind you daily that even on your days off, you are never off duty from honing and enhancing yourself.

For more motivation, browse Inktuitive’s range of canvas wall art.

From us at Inktuitive, we wish you an inspirational, productive holiday season!

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