Canvas Art Prints - Have Your Coffee and Drink it

Canvas Art Prints - Have Your Coffee and Drink it

Coffee: the cultural ritual of the modern world and the new love language of the trendsetting millennial. With the abundance of exotic blends and methods (Double shot, dark roast, skinny latte, anyone?), coffee has become a stamp of individuality. Coffee shops and takeaway cups are constant cameos in our lives. Instagram buzzes with pictures of cappuccinos beside MacBooks, saturated in a vintage Valencia filter. To the self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, it’s the drink of the fabulous and successful. But now, Inktuitive’s canvas art prints are roasting this little narrative (​sorry, Frappuccino!)​, because your approach to coffee says a lot about your approach to life.

Don’t panic - we are not asking you to forego your beloved java. We’re simply rewriting the coffee story - only​ ​better. Now, you can have your coffee and drink it!

Coffee parades as a celebration of the good life. But for many, it’s merely a crutch to get by. Instead of living the aspirational coffee shop life, they mask their fears and regrets in their hazelnut flavored roast. Coffee carries the masses through the endless hamster wheel of office dividers and Friday deadlines. Their five cups a day numb the monotony of the mill and unfulfilled dreams. Instead of being the energizer that fuels ambition (​like our canvas art prints!​), it is the drug that stunts it.

Now, before you turn us into freshly ground beans, we are not anti-coffee. We totally ❤️ coffee! We simply want to awaken you with a coffee blend that servesyou, rather than controls and numbs you. With Inktuitive’s inspirational canvas art on your wall, you are set to roast your coffee - and life - in style.

To the realconnoisseur, coffee is not a crutch to help you trudge through the day. It is the aroma of success. As you reach for your mug, you’re reaching for your goals. Spiced caramel cappuccinos are for the winners, who are alive to their potential. They live with their eyes wide open, rather than sleepy and unattentive.

You are so much more than the person who hides behind the coffee mug to get through the day or to appear important. You’re the person who sips your blend and watches your numbers rise. Your signature roast is not from Starbucks; it’s what you create and achieve. You’re the one who creates the coffee that people drink, the art that people buy, the restaurants they visit, the movies they watch, the canvas art prints they admire, and the software they use on a daily basis.

Sit back and enjoy your flavored latte with friends, because you’re producing, not just consuming. You are reaching daily goals in pursuit of the big goal. That morning cup awakens your enthusiasm for the day ahead - another day, another espresso shot at life.

If you need a little motivation to shift your focus from the endless daily drudgery, our Coffee’s for Closers canvas art is designed for you.

Spice up your coffee in honor of your future success and browse our range of canvas art prints.They will inspire you to reach your dreams and live the life other people watch on the screens. Take a sip of java and view our online store.

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