Canvas Art Prints for Power Couples!

Canvas Art Prints for Power Couples!

They say love is blind. We happen to disagree. True fire-and-ice kind of love is not blind – it only makes you SEE, by igniting your purpose and reinforcing your vision. This is why, at Inktuitive, we have combined our King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts canvas art prints into a set, designed for the power couple who played their cards right and found true love and all that it can accomplish. The daily vision of it from your walls will focus the combined vision of your minds. Some relationships only serve to pull one another back from their goals. Not yours! Together, you sing along with Demi Lovato: “It’s time for me to take it / I’m the boss right now … ‘Cause this is my game / and you better come to play.” With your mutual respect and support for one another’s goals, you’re more than cute. You’re an unstoppable power couple!

With your love story, we don’t really care where you’ve come; we care where you are going! Your love story isn’t in your past - it lies in your future. Who are we to question, anyway? It’s all in the cards! Canvas art prints will be there to guide you and keep you on the path of your #coupledreams and #couplegoals!

Canvas Art Prints for the Queen

It no longer matters whether you were born a royal, or whether you’ve got some blue-blood heritage. Our canvas art prints have been overthrowing that old order and ushering in the new (retaining a little of that good ol’ pomp and ceremony for some fun!). The right to the throne of your success has nothing to do with gender, line of birth, or family ties. Those days are over. The right to reign goes to those who seize their thrones! And that starts today!

The old order of queens had to sit back and passively wait for their thrones to be handed to them. The Inktuitive order of queens actively and intentionally gets out there and takes hold of them. So, slay the day, play the game, and take your crown! Our canvas art prints are the official documents declaring your coronation and title.

Go get it, Queen! You can own this game!

Canvas Art Prints for the King

Guys, for far too long, privilege, authority and success were yours simply because you were born into it. But because the new order is here and your queen owns the palace as much as you do, true kings are no longer born with silver spoons in their mouths. You have to earn your way. This is a huge benefit because now you are forced to forge your character, values, and goals as you pursue your earned right and ascent to the throne. Everyone gets the same set of cards - so play with skill and determination until you reign victorious as king!

Our canvas art prints don’t bow to ‘kings’ who are born; they bow to self-made kings! We see you packing the punches and doing what it takes to get there, so we recognize that you’re a king already – even if the world doesn’t know it yet.

Go get it, King! You can own this game!

Canvas Art Prints for 2

When future kings and queens get together, they are an explosive force of nature! Together, your powerful intention will grow stronger and stronger each day. Each morning, take in the vision of your Royalty 2-piece set of canvas art prints and seize your thrones with a united purpose! You’ll be a force to be reckoned with!

When you first met, it may have seemed like you got the ‘luck of the draw’- but your future love story will be played with skill. You’ll craft it like modern royals! 

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