Breaking Walls With Canvas Wall Art

Breaking Walls With Canvas Wall Art

Let’s talk about the fourth wall for a second.
“​You mean the imaginary ‘barrier’ in film and theatre that divides audience from actor, reality from fiction, and spectator from stage?” you ask, incredulously.“​That​ fourth wall?!​”

Yep. At Inktuitive, we LOVE the fourth wall! No, wait ... we don’t.We love breaking it down. See, at some point, someone decided that these were the rules, and we all obeyed. But no longer! So, waving our canvas wall art like a flag, we’ve decided to join the long line of theatre rebels, who have broken the rules and made history. #squadgoals

We’re just doing it our way. Because, here’s a little secret: in life, we are bound by other imaginary walls too.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First ... the fourth wall.

When you watch a movie or a play, you momentarily partake in the dramatic illusion. You watch, munching your popcorn, while they act. Occasionally, however, the actors turn to address you - the audience - as if you are part of the movie and they are part of your reality. In this moment, the fourth wall - that barrier between you and the actors, your reality and theirs - tumbles down. The actors are revealed to be a part of our own reality and there’s nothing to prevent us from stepping onto their stage ... because we’re breaking the rules!

What theatrical presumption, what disrespect, what audacious nerve of these wall breakers! But we’re loving it! With our canvas art, we also want to take the hammer to the wall. Because, like it or not, we live with invisible walls and conceptual barriers all around us. They lurk in our minds, where they are constructed higher and higher, gradually building us out of our own hopes and our own lives. They divide who we think we are from our future selves. Ultimately, they turn you into the audience in your own life and a passive observer of your future.

So, our canvas wall art is bringing that theatrical spirit of audacity home, enabling us to break down these self-constructed walls.

Answer this: what lies between you and your wildest dreams? Usually, it’s the deep-seated belief that they’re not really real​. They’re just a fantasy, out of reach. There’s that wall we just cannot overcome. Well, now we’re calling its bluff! We’re boldly shouting, ​That wall doesn’t exist!​ Like film and theatre, ​the wall is the true fabrication and we’re no longer subscribing to it. The reality of our dreams, beyond the four corners of our minds, is not a fictional illusion, mocking us. It really exists!

Inktuitive’s motivational canvas art is a constant reminder to break down these conceptual walls by breaking down the walls in your office, your room, or wherever you hang your art. With our​ ​Point of View​ canvas wall art, you’ll unlock the vaults of your mind, breathing in new air and a fresh perspective. We’ll open the window; you open your eyes.

You no longer have to be a spectator in the theatre of your life. Enter the stage! Look forward to the reality of your future, while creating your present. Your canvas wall art portrays the life you love, renovating your broken walls with renewed purpose and potential.

Welcome to a brand new state of mind and a brand new point of view. For more wall defeating inspiration, view Inktuitive’s canvas wall art online.

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