Popeye Pumps

Canvas Art Designed by Inktuitive
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When defeat is staring you down…when your “Brutus” is about to pummel you into submission…you’re lying on the ground…and you feel too weak to go on…

That’s when you whip out the big guns:

It’s packed in a small can. But Popeye knew spinach was his power...

He could do anything in the world with that tiny tin. He turned every loss—no matter how bleak—into a sweeping victory. 

Now—spinach is good for you. The “nutrition” probably helped. But was it 100% responsible for his wins? 

If you don’t think it was even MORE important that spinach got his mental game on lock—you’re not seeing the whole picture. 

Because you, too, can summon 10x your previous strength. Even when you feel most defeated in life. 

From your wall, this piece will remind you daily: know where your power lies. Know YOUR “spinach.” 

At any moment, you have the ability to say “Hasta La Vista” to your excuses. And remember weakness is always a state of mind. A choice. 

When it feels hopeless, this piece reminds you to squeeze that can and send green goodness coursing through your veins.  Your muscles inflate. That familiar trumpet fanfare blares. And once again, you’re animated to action, taking on obstacles ten times your size.