Breakfast of Champions

Canvas Art Designed by Inktuitive
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Days are what your life is made of. And each day is set in motion by how you start it. 

If you want to achieve anything—better health, mental clarity, or the body of a Greek god…

The secret to getting it isn’t what most people want to hear. That’s why so few people have what they want…

Because that secret—is unceasing consistency. For 365 days. Six or eight weeks out of the year will get you nowhere. 

Consistency beats genetics, good fortune, access to fancy supplements, and everything else…

Even if you have to get up and fail every day—you’re achieving. Keep going. Drop weights on the ground. You’ll ACHIEVE failure. Fall down. Then get up and do it the next day. 

Plain and simple, that’s what winning is made of. No other way.

So everybody has great, wonderful, legitimate, perfect excuses. But you? Gotta have NONE. 

If you want gains in life, practice the Breakfast Of Champions. 

Look at this piece every day—first thing. It will draw you into your workout and help you sustain  and keep the dedication you started with. 

That’s how you get the unmatched upward momentum of a Champion.

And most importantly? This piece will remind you never to skip leg day.

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