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Here’s the BEST reason… to shed all your doubt—and transform into a success-obsessed, bloodthirsty warrior. To fight as if any result besides “winning” has never registered in your mind…

To stare failure down like you’re in a gunfight with it. Then go back to war at double the tenacity…

And—no matter how many times you hear “No”…

…to keep going. Even when the national guard, the SWAT team, and a goddamn wrecking ball are at your front door trying to stop you.

The best reason to do all those things? Simple:

Get filthy. Stinking. Rich.

Because there’s no nobility in poverty. And it’s much easier to deal with your problems by getting rich… than it is to scrounge around for chump change trying to fix them.

But listen—when you do this, people will say your drive for wealth is obscene.

And it might be obscene—in the “normal” world. But who the f**k wants to live there?

This piece will keep you focused on the rewards that come from risk. The wealth that flows when you get hopped up on action daily. And the bounty you collect when you step up to be the wolf who leads the pack.