Louis Dreams

Canvas Art Designed by Inktuitive
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A bag exposes your style and status in a way your house does—only it travels with you. And your journey takes you everywhere: Milan design shows. Exotic rivieras. Exquisite safaris. Local coffee shops.

That’s why your bag distinguishes your superior lineage in the “travel-ocracy.” …Or at least it makes you feel that way. Which is most important…

You glide it through airports, slipping past those lugging duffels filled with duty-free. Bystanders stare, silently wondering what extravagant stories lay inside.

There are many. You could entrance them for hours. But you have to catch your next flight to Los Cabos for a photoshoot and press interview.

As you reach into the soft leather canvas and pull out your first-class ticket sent by your publicist—you reflect on your travels. How they created you. The journey that got you here… what was it like again?

Then your alarm rings. You wake up in your bed. Back to the grind.

Your dreams will stay dreams until you make them a reality. That requires continued focus.

So we designed this piece to help carry you on the path to attaining them. Think of it as a carrot on a stick—or the daily inspiration to reach your destiny, not just your destination.