Modern Canvas Art – Louis and Me

Modern Canvas Art – Louis and Me

Press interviews, Parisian Café’s and personal invites to the catwalks of Milan define your glamorous schedule. As a high profile globetrotter and jet setter, you need a travel companion that can cope with such an aspirational lifestyle. A travel partner who is the hold-all of all your sultry secrets, fantastic dreams, exotic stories and collectable modern art. Louis’ distinctive monogrammed style and heraldic quatrefoil emblem epitomize luxury and are the embodiment of who you are. You go nowhere without your trusted confidante.

We do, however, realize that the above scenario is your dream lifestyle and you may not actually own a Louis Vuitton bag...yet.But the brand’s logo, abstractly reinterpreted as modern canvas art, can be the starting point to determining your own unique and personalized brand, stylishly communicating to the world that you have arrived.‘Louis and me’becomes the ultimate association and collaboration – invading your dreams and defining your reality.

The Louis Vuitton brand stands out among the crowd, and as modern art on your wall. A testament to timeless success and international exclusivity, LV is an authentic and consistent iconic statement in the face of shifting cultural references. The integrity of brand identity never wavers or conforms.

So, how does Louis define your personal brand identity?

The secrets Louis holds about who you are – your goals, inspirations, focus and beliefs - reveal the inner workings of someone who has looked their past squarely in the face and determined to brand themselves with a confident mindset - a resolve that says, ‘​I deserve this because I have worked for this. The world is my oyster.’ Canvas art on your wall becomes a proud reminder of these aspirations and the first step to you conquering the world.

Louis and your spirit of adventure

From its inception, the LV brand was all about travel and exploration, adding an opportunistic fashionable dimension to the progress of travel following the 1st Industrial revolution. Commissioned to design luggage for Empress Eugenie, Napoleon III’s wife, Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with luxury travel and exclusivity.

With the brand symbolism of Louis Vuitton on your wall as modern canvas art, your pioneering spirit will be awakened, motivating you to boldly push boundaries and discover new territories. Louis will take you places as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Louis and your spirit of ingenuity

Intrinsic to the DNA and phenomenal success of the LV brand are innovation and authenticity – the ability to keep reinventing itself - adapting to the needs of its customers without compromising brand integrity. This same spirit of gritty determination to reinvent yourself in the face of life’s challenges will set you apart. That is the secret to your success story - adapting, not conforming.

‘Brand begins in the mind.’ ​[Brand designer, Walter Landor]. That is where your journey and quest for excellence begins. Your personal brand exclusivity will be spurred on by exhibiting the​ Louis Dreams ​canvas art in your home or office.

Your dream to carry a monogrammed LV hold-all onto a private jet, or partner a LV handbag with a pair of stylish stilettos begins in your mind. And with modern art, it is within your reach.

Although you may not be able to afford that right now, what you can afford, until that dream becomes a reality, is​ Inktuitive’s​ ​Louis Dreams​ collectable canvas art. This one-of-a-kind investment piece symbolizes the spirit of Louis, beckoning you from a vantage point you cannot ignore

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