Modern Canvas Art - Like a Boss!

Modern Canvas Art - Like a Boss!

The age-old question remains: if Donald Duck never even bothered to wear pants, why didhe wear a towel whenever he got out of the shower? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Following in the footsteps of his uncle, Scrooge

McDuck, he did whatever he damn well liked. Simply because he could. If you’re wondering what America’s iconic duck is up to these days, our American Express modern canvas art is telling all.

Rumour has it, old DD took some tips from his billionaire uncle and has hit the big bucks. He’s throwing coins in the air with one hand, and holding cigars in the other. In a world where no one wears top hats anymore - you guessed it! - Donald wears a top hat. Uncle Scrooge, a hero of modern art, inspires him from a canvas hanging on the wall.

Perhaps you’re asking,“Wasn’t Donald just a sailor?”Why, yes. But the fiery young duck began adulting and made a plan. From what we see on his Twitter feed, he took on the risks and took over Scrooge McDuck’s business. Plus, he’s become the real king of Disney. Not Mickey. Not even Walt. Disney is his playground and Moana, Nemo and Princess Elsa all follow his script. His uncle would be proud!

Some may remember the cartoon duck by his phrase, “What’s the big deal?”​ Well, he meant it, because, with his American Express card, there really is no big deal. The world is at his fingertips. The VIP is his zone.

Clearly, money is freedom. It may not buy happiness, but hey ... it sure helps! Wherever he needs to go, that gold card takes him there. Living is easy when you’re an elite duck. He poses for Time magazine and, like Scrooge’s canvas art, inspires millennials to live large, take the risks, and carve their own success.

Be like the duck, kids. Be like the duck.

Donald is no sailor these days. He’s on the Express train, traveling down the edge of America, making it his own.

So go on - add ​Donald’s rich uncle Scrooge McDuck  ​to your modern art collection. You will be inspired to stop chasing your dreams and start hunting them.
Donald is owning that life - like a boss. And with the help of Inktuitive’s modern canvas art, so can you.

Shop ​online ​ for your own modern canvas art or see our ​Instagram​ page for more options.

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