Inspirational Wall Art Gets A Designer Buzz

Inspirational Wall Art Gets A Designer Buzz

What do a golden bumblebee, an iconic luxurious Italian fashion brand and inspirational wall art have in common? Pioneering. Hustling. Networking. These aspirations will enable any young millennial to be an inspirational force of nature because being a celebrity, a global business leader or a world changer is the reason you breathe. We’ll show you why the ruthless efficiency of the humble bumblebee should be the reason you wake up in the morning and the reason you dream at night.

At Inktuitive, we are all abuzz with uncontained excitement and energy at what inspirational wall art can do for you. Particularly, inspirational art about bees.

For centuries, bees have been venerated in ancient cultures as symbols of resurrection, fertility and abundance. Honey, as an elixir of immortality, is called liquid gold’ and‘the food of the gods.’We salute historical legends who tapped into the sacred essence of the bee as an insect to be worshipped, admired and emulated.

One would be foolish not to tap into this source of life and success. And so, partnering wall art and a designer brand with the bumblebee has nothing to do with entomology and everything to do with power and the elusive ability to be the cause and not the effect.

It has absolutely everything to do with looking to nature to learn from nature.

That is what our inspirational art has done – bringing 3 symbols together to develop 3 principles that empower and motivate you to become your destiny.

Principle #1 – The importance of purpose

Bees have one simple purpose for existing – t​o pollinate flora to make honey​. Their productivity has baffled those who study these hardworking insects and their hive of activity. Entomologists marvel at the intricate system of a colony of workers that gave us the cliché, ‘​Busy as a bee.’ Beehive keeper, Jeff Reader, articulates the motivation behind the bees’ work ethic: ‘​Their purpose is all about the next generation.’

That is the message inspirational wall art will remind you of. The purpose of the daily hustle and grind is to leave a legacy and to catapult you to a position of power where you can make a difference and impact the next generation. That is the reward of hard work. That is why you don’t stop or give up. You are relentless for your influence to extend beyond you.

Principle #2 – The importance of decentralized power

In any organizational structure, the lone-ranger boss is counterintuitive. You need people around you to buy into your vision and to be the valued cogs that allow your success to become a reality. ‘​The colony needs each bee, and a single bee, itself, will die without the colony’ [Jeff Reader].​ As the boss, CEO or leader, you need our wall art to check your ego power trip. You need your people.

The Queen bee is not command–and–control–leader. Her position is vital. Her role is invaluable. But in a beehive, all have specific assigned jobs in an interdependent and interactive ecosystem – energizing one another. There is full buy-in from all. That is the secret.

Principle #3 – The importance of democracy

History has taught us valuable lessons from notorious autocratic leaders. We do well to heed them and not repeat the destruction they caused in their wake. Once again, our inspirational art - significantly partnering a golden bumblebee with the luxury Gucci brand - highlights an important business principle.

When a beehive colony gets big enough and strong enough to split, one group of bees leaves with the old queen and a new queen stays in the original hive with the remainder of worker bees. There is no power struggle. This is instructive. Exploit the power of democratic decision making and the results will be revolutionary.

These 3 principles are perfectly represented in our​​ Honey Fix ​inspirational wall art. The Gucci logo, as a worldwide phenomenon, perfectly underscores the philosophy you desire to embrace. Besides the associations with luxurious grandeur,​ the pillars of craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity are what the Gucci brand’s sustainable success is built on.

This is what you need to wake up to each day – a visual resolve to ensure that before you don your CEO heels or executive tie, your mindset is right.

What do ​Inktuitive’s ​Honey Fix wall art, an iconic label and a golden bumblebee have in common? We think the answer is obvious and the buzz is all yours!

Shop​ all our inspirational wall art options and let us help you change your world and impact your psyche, one canvas at a time. Our archival quality inspirational wall art will transform your walls and your life.

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