Canvas Art Prints - Calling YOU the Real Work of Art

Canvas Art Prints - Calling YOU the Real Work of Art

During the 1970s hippie movement, car stereos and household record players around the world rang out with John Lennon’s lyrics:Imagine all the people living life in peace. These words epitomized that era’s anthem - ​Make love, not war”. The hippie revolution and its peace signs have come and gone, but the world still seems to be at war. It’s just a more subtle and insidious war because it all begins inside the mind. So, we think that the ​Make love, not war”anthem is ready for a comeback. But since conventionality is not how we roll, our canvas art prints are giving it a little upgrade...‘Make Art, Not War!’

It’s a new anthem, fitting for a new generation. We’ll set the scene.

You are facing a war that begins within the parameters of your mind. This battlefield is where you dream of your future and envision your success. Your enemy presents itself as that inner critic breathing negativity into everything you do and placing shackles on everything you hope to achieve. In the end, your dreams become the casualties in this landscape of disapproving, shaking heads, ... until our canvas art prints enter the stage to inspire change.

So, how do we combat this war? While the hippies’ solution was ​love, love love,​ we believe loveneeds to be clarified and redefined. Our canvas art is doing just that!

Love is so much more than the opposite of war and it’s more than a ceasefire. While you mustbegin by loving your dreams in order to silence the war within, you need more than that. You need to dosomething. Love pursues, builds, and creates. Love is action.

Love is art.

Your dreams, your visions, and the world you’re creating every minute you’re alive are your personal brand of art and the way you express love! Art is what you are creating of life and, in the process, it’s who you are becoming. It’s your soul, your expression, and ultimately, the extension of who you are.

Art is you.

As you pursue your art, you’re really in the process of pursuing and building your dreams, which is ultimately the pursuit of you.Think about it: YOU are your finest work yet. Honoring that is true love and the best way to achieve victory.

Love is art. Art is you.

Our canvas art prints are ultimately about creating YOU. You are the principal work of art. And as you hang up some motivational canvas art prints on your wall, here’s a step-by-step guide to ​make art, not war”:

  • End the war and the self-destructive sabotage. Mitigate the casualties by silencing the unhelpful voices inside (and outside) your head.
  • Fall madly in love with your dreams. Love your life. Love what you are heading towards. Love yourself.
  • Start doing something: Show up to your life and make that art.

Remember, your life and the process of reaching your goals is a collection of living canvas art prints. Pretty cool, right? With Inktuitive’s ​Make Art, Not War​ ​canvas hanging on your wall, you will be reminded to end the war against yourself, silence the critical voices, and embrace your art. Each of ​Inktuitive’s art prints​ motivates you to be inspired to make art because, in the end, the original artwork is ​you​.

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